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My Story

Based in Sydney, I have worked with clients in the Greater Sydney area, and internationally as a professional full-time healer, psychic medium, bodyworker, and teacher. 

With over 25 years of varied training and professional experience, I have also studied astrology since 2012 and during 2021 I have qualified in Experiential Astrology and Family Constellations.

I will be offering Experiential Astrology Sessions, which involve personal somatic processes and healings within the birth chart /archetypal wheel, brimming with knowledge and personal awakenings.

I am deeply connected to spirit and spiritual knowledge and love to share wisdom. I have worked and taught in many capacities within the health and healing arts for my working career. 


I'm qualified in Internal spiritual martial arts and Meditation, Psychic and Spiritual Development,  Energetic, and Spiritual Kinesiology,  Holographic Kinetics,  Intuitive and deep Transformational Healing,  Astrology and Experiential Astrology, Voice dialogue, Psychic / Mediumship / and Tarot Reading, Kahuna, and remedial Intuitive Massage. I have embodied a life-long dedication to personal development training and life initiations with complete devotion to spiritual pursuits, and advancement of the soul with purpose and inspiration.


My Approach

I provide a variety of holistic healing techniques for the support of personal and spiritual well-being.  I am able to provide you with a customised approach to address your needs in each session.

Authentic and clear in my connection with spirit, I provide a supported and inspired approach for each session.                                        

Situated in a serene seaside home-healing environment in Sydney, I am able to provide in-person or online sessions. 

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