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Asha's Light

Inspiring Self-realisation & Healing

Lighthouse, Narrabeen


About Me

I, Asha have devoted the past 20 years as an experienced multi-skilled healer, meditation and psychic development teacher, spiritual counsellor, and psychic/medium.

As a qualified astrologer, healer, and medium to spirit, I am currently passionate about offering sessions in reading your astrological birth chart and facilitating healing processes through the soul guidance of this powerful personal template, as one of the session options you can book with me.  


Asha is renowned in Sydney, and globally as a powerful intuitive guide. She embraces a caring and insightful approach to see through to the heart of others, with a powerful and incisive ability to guide you to a path toward healing and change. 


Sessions with Asha are welcomed both face-to-face and online.  Asha's Light - Asha St George Astrologer, Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher

My Treatments

Image by Hafidh Satyanto
Image by Krystal Ng
Image by Edz Norton

Interactive Healing Session

Interactive Healing Sessions are tailored to your needs, providing a safe space and powerful connection to Spirit in transitioning and recreating your energy signatures. 

Astrological Healing

Astrological Reading combined with healing.

Can be extended into an Experiential Astrology Somatic Healing journey within your birth blueprint to access your personal soul knowledge.

Reiki & Energy Healing

This session consists of a 1.5-hour hands-on Reiki session offering a relaxing and silent energetic renewal,  whilst listening to soothing music to replenish and deepen the soul.

Tarot/Psychic Mediumship Readings

Receive practical and resourceful insight and guidance through Spirit, from the tarot, psychic, and mediumship fields.

Kahuna Massage & Healing

Experience the art of Intuitive Massage infused with Kahuna Techniques. Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere accompanied by soothing music and delightful fragrances. 



Gavin Walburgh, Sydney Australia

I am a living breathing testimonial for Asha's work, with over 20yrs experience and training in so many modalities and just continues to learn and grow all the time. Don't think twice about booking a session, she is sent from the Divine and it will change your life if you allow it.

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Sydney, New South Wales

+61 (0)403 035 448

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